Week 5, #3 Fill the Frame (Composition), Dragonfly

DSC_2487So I was sitting in my living room and I heard this loud noise on my porch.  I went out to investigate and found this dragonfly bopping around hitting everything on the porch: the light, the window, the door, the plants, even me!  I ran in to grab my camera and came back out.  He continued to fly and run into things for several minutes before he landed on one of my plants.  I was able to get a total of 3 images of him before he took off again, running into everything in sight.  He apparently flew through a spider’s web and got it stuck on his wings, freaking him out.  I was able to get him to land on me and I was able to get the spider web off of his wings.  He promptly flew away after I removed it.

This was the best of the three images I captured of him.  It is my submission for “Fill the Frame.”

Week 4, #40 Wild Card (Wild Card), Why So Negative?


I’m a little behind in my posting again, but I’ll be catching up this week.  For this wild card entry, I created a digital negative in Lightroom.  I started my photography journey with film photography.  I was always fascinated with the negatives and how they worked.

A few months ago, I happend across a video of someone who scanned their film negatives into their computer and then edited them in Lightroom to create a digital positive.  I decided to try the opposite to see what would happen.  I’m still just as fascinated with the negative.  The original image is below.


Week 1, #5 Macro (Technical), Spiny Orb-Weaver

DSC_2160First, I must apologize for being tardy on my first post!  I’m never late.  I was always taught that to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is simply unacceptable (thank you for this lesson Mr. Reese).  With that said, I was out of town most of last week so I will be playing catch-up this week.

This little guy is a Spiny Orb-Weaver.  They are everywhere outside my condo.  I’m terribly arachnophobic and the bright red spikes on these give me a bad case of the heebie-jeebies.  So what could possibly be better to help you get over your arachnophobia than doing a set of macro photos of this guy in the wind?!?  Yup, you read that right.  I went out on a rather windy day, got up close and personal with my macro lens, and watched this spider sway closer and closer to my head….

The wind made it a bit difficult to capture a good photo that was in focus, but I got two really good images.  This one is the winner (thanks to my hubby for helping me decide).  This was only the second time I have ever used my macro lens, so I’m still learning, but I think it was a success!


Welcome to my 52 week photo challenge!  I’m a full-time music teacher and a part-time photographer.  My love for photography began when I was very young.  My father would let me take photos with his Nikon camera, then, over the weekends, he would turn the kitchen into a darkroom and teach me how to develop the negatives and prints with his darkroom equipment.  Since then, I have transitioned to digital photography, earned an associate’s degree in photography, and started my own photography business (all while teaching middle school kiddos to play instruments)!  I’m excited to embark on this 52 week photo challenge.  This is the first time I have tried such a challenge, so here’s to a great year of photos!!