Week 12, #10 Leading Lines (Creative)


Here is another image from my photo session at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station.  I was in awe of this fence.  The lines, all those lines, and it is so cool!!  I love how if you try to follow individual lines, you can’t; but they definitely lead you down the street.  On a side note, I heard a rumor that they are going to be removing this fence.  I truly hope that is not true.  I love it!

Week 11, #52 Wild Card (Wild Card), Waiting for the Bus


I met a family at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station the other day to do some photographs for them.  I was a bit curious as to why they wanted their photos at the bus station until I saw it.  WOW!  What a great space!!  We took photos from this angle, in front of the various murals, and in front of the wooden slats.  They are amazing photos and I cannot wait to get back and take more photos here.

Week 10, #7 View From Below (Composition), Palm Trees


I was walking down Main Street in Lakewood Ranch the other night and was admiring how the palm trees looked.  They were illuminated from below and it created some interesting shadows in the canopy.  I didn’t have my camera, so I took several photos with my iPhone.  This is the winner from the group of photos.  Unedited.

Week 9, #45 Full Edit (Technical), Tiger Longwing Butterfly

Full Edit-1.jpgHere is another photograph from my recent trip to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.  This beauty is a Tiger Longwing Butterfly.  This photograph was great straight out of the camera, but I decided to add my touch to it in post.  I increased the saturation slightly, added some clarity and contrast, did a small crop, added a vignette, and some lens correction.  My favorite part of this image is how you can see the butterfly’s proboscis (tongue) curled up.

Week 8, #25 SOOC (Technical), Swallowtail

SOOC-1.jpgI recently visited the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.  I thoroughly enjoyed the warm, humid environment and the many butterfly species found there.  I spent quite a bit of time observing and photographing them.  This image, a black and red Swallowtail (I believe), is SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera).  It is one of my many favorite images from that day.  I love the pop of the red against the black as well as the pink flowers that appear to be glowing in the background.

Week 7, #48 Wild Card (Wild Card), Kaelyn

DSC_3309I was at my parent’s house this past week and decided to play around with my new camera.  My niece was very curious so I gave her my older camera to experiment with.  At one point, she began taking pictures of me, so I turned and took a few of her at the same time.  I love the look of concentration on her face; her lips are stretched all the way back… So cute.  Her photo of me is below.


Week 5, #3 Fill the Frame (Composition), Dragonfly

DSC_2487So I was sitting in my living room and I heard this loud noise on my porch.  I went out to investigate and found this dragonfly bopping around hitting everything on the porch: the light, the window, the door, the plants, even me!  I ran in to grab my camera and came back out.  He continued to fly and run into things for several minutes before he landed on one of my plants.  I was able to get a total of 3 images of him before he took off again, running into everything in sight.  He apparently flew through a spider’s web and got it stuck on his wings, freaking him out.  I was able to get him to land on me and I was able to get the spider web off of his wings.  He promptly flew away after I removed it.

This was the best of the three images I captured of him.  It is my submission for “Fill the Frame.”

Week 4, #40 Wild Card (Wild Card), Why So Negative?


I’m a little behind in my posting again, but I’ll be catching up this week.  For this wild card entry, I created a digital negative in Lightroom.  I started my photography journey with film photography.  I was always fascinated with the negatives and how they worked.

A few months ago, I happend across a video of someone who scanned their film negatives into their computer and then edited them in Lightroom to create a digital positive.  I decided to try the opposite to see what would happen.  I’m still just as fascinated with the negative.  The original image is below.