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Week 12, #10 Leading Lines (Creative)


Here is another image from my photo session at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station.  I was in awe of this fence.  The lines, all those lines, and it is so cool!!  I love how if you try to follow individual lines, you can’t; but they definitely lead you down the street.  On a side note, I heard a rumor that they are going to be removing this fence.  I truly hope that is not true.  I love it!

Week 11, #52 Wild Card (Wild Card), Waiting for the Bus


I met a family at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station the other day to do some photographs for them.  I was a bit curious as to why they wanted their photos at the bus station until I saw it.  WOW!  What a great space!!  We took photos from this angle, in front of the various murals, and in front of the wooden slats.  They are amazing photos and I cannot wait to get back and take more photos here.

Week 9, #45 Full Edit (Technical), Tiger Longwing Butterfly

Full Edit-1.jpgHere is another photograph from my recent trip to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.  This beauty is a Tiger Longwing Butterfly.  This photograph was great straight out of the camera, but I decided to add my touch to it in post.  I increased the saturation slightly, added some clarity and contrast, did a small crop, added a vignette, and some lens correction.  My favorite part of this image is how you can see the butterfly’s proboscis (tongue) curled up.